Professional Legal Costs Consultants
Time is money - Benjamin Franklin 
("Advice to a young tradesman" 1748)
maximise your recovery

For legal practitioners

Obtain advice from professionals in the fields of litigation and legal costs on how to maximise recovery of your clients' costs as well as your fees and disbursements and ultimately enhance your profitability.
minimize your exposure

For the public

There are few things as daunting as the prospect of being saddled with astronomical legal bills. Obtain advice you on how to minimize your exposure in terms of prospective legal action or get a professional to consider whether the account you received is reasonable.
rest assured

For peace of mind

Be assured that you have done the best for your practice, your clients, your business or your personal finanses by obtaing efficient and professional assistance and not leaving anything to chance.

You're in the right hands now.

Rest assured that you have come to the right people. People who understand people and make it their business to make your concerns our concerns.